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In this article, we will turn the limelight on the bridesmaids and groomsmen – the important people who stand by the newlyweds’ side to support and calm their nerves on one of the most memorable days of their lives. Nowaday, wedding party dresses and suits are typically selected to reflect both the couple’s wedding style and the personality of those who will be wearing it. 

As when it comes to styling your wedding party, it is fun and exciting from choosing color, material, silhouette to accessories. For your inspiration, we have assembled some of our past wedding party attires. Ready for some aesthetically pleasing images?

A getting ready robe is a special something for the blushing bride and her girls. It is an elegant pre-wedding option where the girls wear during their getting ready moment to make the morning preparation an elegant affair.

A luxurious bridal robe speaks volumes of your taste. When choosing the robe, pay attention to the material (silk always brings out the luxurious), style and color (consider white and ivory). Our suggestion is to have them monogrammed or personalized on the back to add a pretty personal touch.

And don’t forget to coordinate the color of the robe to the overall wedding theme!

Besides robes, there are many other options for your getting ready moment. Be creative! You can literally wear anything that you’re comfortable with, consider nightgowns, rompers, or pajama sets.

Let’s take a look at some of Meraki’s weddings to learn more about the characteristics and meaning behind those attires!

Scroll down and take a look at the attire of the wedding party of Xu and Hieu – an intimate wedding celebrated in a pine forest in Da Lat.

Forest green for the bridesmaid dresses! Plunge neckline dress to highlight the décolletage for a look that’s bold and sultry. Last but not least, the coordinates of brown open toe heels show unity and wholeness, plus they are still one of the oldest fashion trends alive.

For the groomsmen’s attire, they cleverly choose vintage suspender pants to go with the classic brown oxfords. The suspender is absolutely successful in creating accents, as well as coordinating with the vintage and boho theme of the wedding celebration.

For a tropical wedding with a vibrant color palette like Lucy & Sam’s, the foxtons green color of the bridesmaids’ dresses definitely make a highlight of the wedding.

What really sticks out of the attire is the combination of cocktail dress and Vietnamese traditional costume, ao dai. We have to be honest, they emphasize the mixed-culture and harmony the overall theme of the celebration.

As for the groomsmen’s attire, Lucy & Sam want them to have the same suit as the groom, just different boutonnieres. The airy, thin and light linen material is the perfect choice for the guy’s suit in the heat of Saigon.

Let’s take a look at this beautiful yet special wedding of Tess and Andy.

As a fashion designer, Tess has great knowledge in fabrics, seams, and what she wants for her girls. She personally designs her bridesmaids’ dresses to different silhouettes that both suit each of their looks and speak for their personalities. What could be better than wearing a beautiful dress that was made with love by the bride on her own? The bridesmaids’ shoes were also custom-made for each individual and we just couldn’t get enough of how beautiful of the friendship they had.

The groomsmen’s attires are inspired by the groom’s but they ditch the suit jacket and wear just the vest instead. Clean white dress shirt with long sleeves for the formal yet classic evening.

Thao and Tu’s wedding is held by the riverside. The wedding color palette is inspired by the place with earthy tone colors. We choose different shades of color for the bridesmaid dresses, along with different silhouettes to make the girls look chic and stylish than ever!

For the boys, we choose grey color suits with linen material. Linen textured and its natural material plays in both casual and occasional style. Classic brown oxfords to match with the girls’ dress, also to bring out the cohesiveness of the wedding look.

Pink bridesmaid dresses are always in!

The silk light coral pink dress for the bridesmaids is an ideal choice for this light and airy wedding concept. The dresses are also a perfect coordinate with the groom’s blush attire.

The groomsmen suit is cleverly made with linen material and is a great choice for an outdoor wedding. The highlight of this attire is the blush loafers, a pretty cool combination to coordinate the groom’s suit and the girls dresses.

Along with the blue sea, white sand and clear sky, burgundy is definitely the color that makes Nhung & Ken’s wedding bold and vivid. The burgundy color in the bridesmaid dress brings out the look of charm and passion, just like the love story of the couple.

The white linen outfits of the groomsmen are to cool off and harmonize the overall bold color of the wedding theme. What a fantastic color palette!

When in doubt, blue always makes for a gorgeous wedding color. For weddings that are held in the ballroom, navy blue is the color that speaks elegance, youthfulness, and luxurious. The bridesmaids and groomsmen attire of Oanh and Tung’s wedding are all in classic navy blue and we can’t describe how modern and fabulous they look.

The attire of the bridesmaids and groomsmen contribute greatly to shaping the overall wedding style. If possible, find a good tailor for your wedding party in order to deliver high quality products but also to show your appreciation and thankfulness to them. Trust us, your squad would be over the moon for this thoughtful thought of yours.