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You are in the process of creating a memorable experience for your guests and designing the perfect wedding reception layout is your next step. What layout would you use? Would you choose round or long tables for your guests to sit upon throughout the celebration? Particularly, besides the event’s overall aesthetics, there are other factors involved in choosing the type of table and creating a seating chart that best fits your event space and can deliver a comfortable feel to your guests.

When choosing your reception layout and table type, you might want to consider these following factors: 1) Your budget, 2) Number of guests, 3) Venue space, and 4) The ambiance of the celebration. Here are some popular options we have for you:


Round tables are the perfect option for almost every type of reception style, namely buffet, family-style, or plated dinner.

It is more conducive to an easier flow of conversation if you have a lot of people who know each other and want to be able to catch up.


You can shave that cost off your decoration budget. Round tables tend to be easier and take less to decorate, because one arrangement in the center is sufficient.

It is great with a larger guest list since all round tables can optimize the event space and seat everyone comfortably.


Round tables tend to feel more traditional, hence they would not make a big impression and stand out than the long tables.


Long tables are more suitable for a buffet or plated dinner. If you love the idea of a family-style reception, which is common in Asia, this might not be the best option for you.

You can only comfortably speak to the 5 people closest and across from you. Thereby, if you have a guest list that has a lot of different small groups or people that don’t know anybody else, rectangular tables are the perfect choice.


Long tables for the modern, elegant atmosphere at your reception.

It brings an intimate feel to your guests when dining.


Long tables require a larger number of decorations to get the desired impact. Also, not every venue carries them in-house. Deciding to use long tables instead means that you need to rent from the outsources.

It will take up quite a lot of the event space. Logically, long tables are only practical to accommodate a smaller celebration.


You can definitely mix up round and long tables in your reception. However, there are limited options to the suitable dinner style. Buffet and plated dinner work great for this choice; but family-style might not be your best bet.


It eases the layout making process. You can put the people who may feel awkward making small talk with strangers at the rectangular tables, and the people who want to visit with each other at the round tables.

It’s unexpected and interesting to look at.


It does not optimize the event space if your guest count meets the venue capacity.

You’ll need knowledge of floor plans and flow to make this work. But don’t worry, we’ve got your back. We can best advise you on how to set up the space with a mix of tables practically.


The reception layout is crucial because it defines the whole dining ambience and the experience that you bring to your guests. We hope you find useful information through this article and we hope that it practically helps you in the process of bringing your dream wedding into life.